Rules, Guidelines & Other Information

1. Every part of the form must be filled out.  If your story is not posted on the web, and you don't have your own webspace, please fill in the form [leaving the url space blank] and then send the story to and I will then put the story up for you. [Please send stories in the body of the email, or as .txt files. NO .docs please.]

2. Stories should be Star Trek: Voyager Fanfic, J/C in nature, and have at least something to do with the category they're being entered in, unless the category description states otherwise.

3. After submitting a story, please go here to get some important info and link-to pictures and such.  You probably won't be receiving an email with this information, so it's easier to just go grab it now.

4. Please don't email stories directly [unless your story is not on the net, in which case see #1.].  Instead, use the form below!

5. You may submit as many stories as you wish, provided they fit the category, and collaborations are also welcome; but be sure to include both authors' names and emails please.

6. The stories entered in the contest may be posted elsewhere on the web and entered in other fanfiction contests. It is not a “blind author” contest.

7. The stories can be of any rating G to NC-17.

8. There is no word limit to the stories. They can be short drabbles or long ones. Just donīt make them so long so that itīs impossible for people to get through them :)

9.After submitting a story go Here to choose an image to use as a link back to the contest. This link should be on the same page as your story.

10.If you find that the form isn't working, please send the information below to

11. If you have any further questions contact me here


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