Write a story from the episode Unimatrix Zero. Maybe they did more than just hold hands before Janeway went off to the cube? Maybe they did more when she got back? Or maybe Chakotay did go to Unimatrix Zero to see her like the rumours said. You decide…

Submissions: 7 June - August 1
Voting: August 2 – September 12

Donīt Give Up on Me
By Anne T.M.
Summary: An episode addition to Unimatrix Zero. Just something I think we all would have liked to have seen.

Rating: PG13

To Love and To Hold
By Kayryn Shadow
Summary: Post Unimatrix Zero II, what happened after Braga said cut.
Rating: PG13

By Spiletta42
Summary: Episode addition for Unimatrix Zero. What else would you have me enter here?
Rating: PG13

Keeping Up Appearances
By Ralkana
Summary: A drabble. Chakotay tries his hardest to make sure things look as they should. Rating: PG13

When a First Officer Needs to be More Than a Friend
By Matteabrit
Summary: Why did Chakotay not put in an appearance in sickbay after Kathryn returned from the Borg cube?
Rating: PG13

One Brief Moment
By Dakota
Summary: Itīs not just getting used to the isolation after the voices of the collective are silenced, itīs regaining what was lost when she was assimilated that has Kathryn struggling when she returns to Voyager.
Rating: PG13

Tracing Back On Tomorrow
By Manda
Summary: A complete twist of Unimatrix Zero…starts out with common ground, somewhat, and changes later. Thankfully Captain Janeway is convinced that Chakotay isnīt a lost cause…and the Admiral still manages to be the one to do that!
Rating: PG13

Seeing With Your Heart
By Maquis Leader
Summary: Chakotay teaches Kathryn to see beyond the face in the mirror.
Rating: PG13

Summary: Once again TPTB left out the best parts. They never seem to have the camera in the right place at the right time. Itīs OK though-īcause I have filled in the missing pieces for you—What we dinīt see in Unimatrix Zero.
Rating: PG13

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