What do others see when they look at Janeway and Chakotay? What do the crew actually think is going on?
Write a story depicting J/C out of the perspective of others. You could choose another person on the ship, on a planet or on Earth...or you can go more creative and write about J/C from the perspective of a tricorder, a pip, a comm-badge...the possibilities are endless!

Entries: August 1 - September 14
Voting: September 14 - October 25

Second Place
By Ralkana
Summary: An early morning knock on the door disrupts Gretchen Janeway's quiet day. Rating: G/PG

Shared First Place
Innocent Eyes
Summary: Being little sometimes has its advantages. Naomi has a secret and she's not gonna tell.
Rating: G-PG

Something More
By Mia Cooper
Summary: A former crewmember tells it like it was.
Rating: G-PG

Neelix's Day
By Diane Running Horse
Summary: What do others see when they look at Janeway and Chakotay? Neelix's POV. And let's pretend that Seven is still on her Borg cube and Kes is still with us. I like it that way.
Rating: G-PG

Summary: A group of Voyager's crew members discusses the odd behavior of Janeway and Chakotay lately, and decide to find out if a rumor they hear is true.
Rating: G-PG

Honorable Mention
A Memorable Mission
By Matteabrit
Summary: An away mission goes wrong. A JC tale from the view of Lieutenant Tom Paris.
Rating: PG-13

...a Paris point of view
By Claire
Summary: The J/C relationship-from Tom's pov. Tom tells of how he first found out about them...
Rating: R-NC-17

When Two Roads Collide
By Cathy
Summary: A special story about a mother and a daughter sharing the story of a great woman.
Rating: G-PG

Shared First Place
Through the Eyes of Friends
By Dakota
Summary: A day in the life of the command team.
Rating G-PG

Third Place
Truth in your eyes
By Gine
Summary: Gretchen Janeways point of view and my way to digest the final scene of endgame and the sad impression it left behind.
Rating: G-PG

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